Why work with us

Benefits of working with us

It might sound obvious but we are experts at what we do! We’ve got a great deal of software development and engineering expertise and can bring this experience to a wide range of projects. The advantages of this to our clients include:

Rapid Response

Our team have the ability to react quickly. We aim to quote projects in as timely fashion as possible and can usually start work promptly meaning your development can commence quickly.

A diverse range of engineering skills

Our engineers have a wide range of experience across both hardware and software engineering. This blend of different skills means that we can often solve problems which might not appear to have an obvious solution, for example interfacing different software languages or seeking a solution using both hardware and software.

A wide range of flexible tailored working options

All our clients’ requirements are different and our approach is consequently both flexible and bespoke; designed specifically to meet the needs of each individual project

Design Studies

Where a client has an idea of what needs to be done but lacks a formal specification, PTP will often propose a design study as the first part of a project. This process will seek to define the customer’s requirements in detail and turn them into a specification which can then be quoted against, usually on a fixed price basis. A small investment in a design study at the beginning of a project can often save the client significant amounts of money in the long term.


PTP can provide software and hardware support on a consultative basis for projects of all sizes. We offer a range of pricing models and the key point is that we can be as flexible as you need us to be!

Longer Term Developments

We can assist with long term hardware and software developments, either at our Cambridge premises or onsite at a client’s site. We’ve helped a wide range of clients support custom hardware and software on an ongoing basis. We can offer a range of service contract options if speed of response is a critical issue.

Code Review and Architecting

Our experienced team are happy to offer advice on how a particular problem could potentially be solved, either by reviewing existing code and suggesting an appropriate way forward or by helping architect a new solution with the correct structure to meet clients’ objectives.

Bespoke Developments

We have the ability to produce complete bespoke developments. These can include specification capture, design, prototyping, build, test, documentation, commissioning and installation as required. We are used to working on turnkey developments in highly regulated environments such as the pharmaceutical industry where stringent quality standards apply. Full details are on the Turnkey Developments Page.

Whatever your requirements we are confident we can help you achieve your goals. Contact us today for an obligation free quote. Simply call or complete the form and a member of our team will be in touch.