Test & Measurement

Bespoke FTE & ATE

Off-the-shelf solutions
don’t always meet the requirements.

How we can help

It is possible to purchase numerous ‘off-the-shelf’ testing solutions in many areas but they might not exactly meet testing requirements.

A custom test and measurement solution can be designed and built to your exact specifications to ensure it performs precisely the intended test function. This can result in efficiency savings and increased throughput. A bespoke test & measurement solution need not necessarily be a more expensive solution and in certain circumstances may actually be cheaper if an ‘off the shelf’ system exceeds the specification required.

PTP has worked on a large number of testing solution projects across a wide range of Industries. These include projects which range from producing a customised test rig for testing industrial ink printers for a leading manufacturer to producing a flame detection rig for the security industry. Please contact us today to discuss your Test & Measurement requirements further.

What types of test equipment can we design and build?

We design and build custom test solutions for R&D as well as production environments. Some of the areas we have expertise in:

  • Functional test equipment
  • End of line testing
  • Automated production testing


We have carried out work in many different areas including:

  • Sound and vibration analysis
  • Vision and inspection systems
  • Vehicular component testing
  • Silicon performance testing

Nujira Ltd: RxSV Optimisation for Nujira’s Leading Product


Nujira Ltd:
RxSV Optimisation for Nujira’s Leading Product

To optimise the software used to test Nujira’s leading product, the envelope tracking power supply modulators which power energy efficient 4G cellular terminals, base stations and digital broadcast transmitters. Written in LabVIEW

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