A flexible and consultative approach

When undertaking a research based project,
specifications need to remain flexible and may not be clearly defined at the outset!

PTP works flexibly with organisations throughout a project as their specifications evolve. We work closely with clients, taking a consultative approach to ensure that their research objectives are met.

We have worked on a wide variety of projects in research from Machine Control developments for controlling complex mining research machinery through to LabVIEW development for telecoms R&D.

How we can help


LabVIEW experts, consultancy, architecture and coding. NI hardware supply, programming and integration


LabWindows/CVI Developers with extensive experience in code development and support

C, C#, C++

Custom software solutions in a wide range of languages tailored to meet your exact requirements

Machine Control

Cost effective customised Machine Control solutions for simple or complex machinery

Test & Measurement

Bespoke Test and Measurement solutions for a wide range of applications and industries

Legacy Support

Maximising value by extending the viable lifespan of older legacy software and hardware

Ionscope – Software: Embedded Venom code development


Ionscope – Software:
Embedded Venom code development

A team of scientists from Imperial College London and The University of Cambridge developed the Scanning Ion Conductance Microscope (SICM), a patented topographic scanning technique which produces high-resolution images without making contact with the sample. Its non-invasive nature is of particular importance when scanning soft and living samples.

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