PTP Sequencer – Support

How to Install PTP Sequencer:

  • Download the latest version of PTP Sequencer here.
  • PTP Sequencer is distributed as a .vip (VI Package) file which installs with VI Package Manager, which is distributed with LabVIEW 2012 and 2013 so you can go ahead and open the .vip file.For LabVIEW 2011 developers, you can install VI Package Manager for free from JKI.
  • Follow the instructions in VI Package Manager to install PTP Sequencer into LabVIEW.Once installed, restart LabVIEW (this is necessary to refresh the palette menu).
  • Open the NI Example Finder (select Help > Find Examples) and enter “PTP” into the Search box to find the included PTP Sequence Example VIs and Sample Project. Also refer to the Help > PTPSeq help documentation to get the most out of the example VIs!

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How to Activate PTP Sequencer:

  • Use the Activate Button to Register and Activate PTP Sequencer. You will receive an email with a Customer ID, License ID and Password.
  • Open Help > Activate Addons from the LabVIEW Getting Started window.
  • Highlight the PTP Sequencer entry in the Add-on table and select Next.

Online activations:

  • Select Automatically activate through an Internet connection and select Next.
  • Enter you License ID and Password into the table and click Next.

Activation via email (for systems not online):

  • Select Use a Web browser on this or another computer to acquire an activation code
  • Note down the two User Codes and enter these along with your Customer ID into our support form.
  • We will check your details and provide you with two more codes. Enter these into the Activation Code 1 and Activation Code 2 fields of the Activate Add-ons wizard and select Activate.

Need further assistance?

For support, tips and tricks and to get in touch with other Sequencer users please join the PTP Sequencer Forum.

PTP Sequencer Forum

Alternatively please contact us to discuss a bespoke support contract.