PTP Sequencer is the Sequencing Toolkit for NI LabVIEW

PTP Sequencer

The Sequencing Toolkit for LabVIEW®              

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PTP Sequencer provides software developers of all skill levels with easy to use tools to implement sequencing capabilities into their LabVIEW development.

Please note that currently PTP Sequencer is only compatible with 32 bit versions of LabVIEW

The toolkit includes a library of functions for creating, managing and executing test sequences, as well as some interactive and reusable control components for seamless integration into a front panel user interface.

PTP Sequencer enables a LabVIEW developer to consider building their own custom testing platform, whether simple or complex, a one-time approach or for multiple applications, entirely in LabVIEW, without the worry of needing to create the complex code required to manage and navigate sequence definitions.

Whether you need to process a basic linear sequence of tests for your own unit testing solution, or developing a fully featured test executive system, PTP Sequencer can save you development time, software testing time and money.

  • A library of functions for building and executing sequence definitions
  • Advanced XControls for creating sophisticated User Interfaces with ease
  • Reduce your testing solution design time and costs
  • Build your own custom Test Executive
  • LabVIEW Real Time compatible
  • No runtime license requirements – deploy and distribute without activation worries

The Sequencer is aimed at LabVIEW developers of all skill levels. One doesn’t need to be fluent in LabVIEW to pick up PTP Sequencer. Indeed, it’s designed specifically to enable aspiring developers to create testing solutions they might otherwise consider beyond their ability, and power users to work more effectively.