A diverse range of skills and experience

Manufacturing can be a challenging, fast paced and competitive environment.

Whether your requirement is software for automated assembly or manufacturing test & measurement, PTP can help. We understand the challenges associated with developing and integrating new machinery into an existing production environment. We are also experienced in helping companies achieve efficiency benefits and cost savings from automating test procedures.

When carrying out software developments which are to be used in a production environment, we do everything we can to minimise disruption to existing machinery and production processes. We can normally work in a simulated environment thus only requiring minimal access to actual production machinery.

How we can help


LabVIEW experts, consultancy, architecture and coding. NI hardware supply, programming and integration


LabWindows/CVI Developers with extensive experience in code development and support

C, C#, C++

Custom software solutions in a wide range of languages tailored to meet your exact requirements

Machine Control

Cost effective customised Machine Control solutions for simple or complex machinery

Test & Measurement

Bespoke Test and Measurement solutions for a wide range of applications and industries

Legacy Support

Maximising value by extending the viable lifespan of older legacy software and hardware

Nujira Ltd: RxSV Optimisation for Nujira’s Leading Product


Nujira Ltd:
RxSV Optimisation for Nujira’s Leading Product

To optimise the software used to test Nujira’s leading product, the envelope tracking power supply modulators which power energy efficient 4G cellular terminals, base stations and digital broadcast transmitters. Written in LabVIEW

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