Machine Control

Improving throughput, maximising efficiency

Every machine control requirement is different!

How we can help

PTP has extensive experience of working with customers to solve complex machine control problems across a variety of industries.

Whether it is control software for a new piece of equipment such as a robotic arm or re-writing control software in order to achieve increases in output and productivity, PTP can help. 

PTP specialises in the provision of machine control systems requiring high precision, versatility, non-standard functions, and R&D facilities in any combination. We also have expertise in supporting legacy systems and can advise on how best to achieve greater efficiencies from legacy machinery. Please contact us today to discuss your requirements further.

  • Design and implement machine control software in a range of programming languages
  • Develop machine control solutions in LabVIEW, an ideal language for machine control
  • Integrate new functionality into existing machinery
  • Produce scalable modular machine control code which can be taken “in house” for future maintenance if required
  • Work to achieve the highest throughput possible thus maximising efficiency and return on investment from production machinery
  • Collaborate with customers to develop solutions for research machine control
  • Maintain and improve control systems of legacy machinery thus increasing its potential lifespan

Motorsport simulators: Cutting-edge motion platform for motorsports simulators


Motorsport simulators:
Cutting-edge motion platform for motorsports simulators

Simulators are increasingly used in professional motorsports for driver training and car development. The sophistication of such simulators is rapidly improving to provide a complete, realistic driving experience with visual, audio and – importantly – motion feedback to the driver.

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