Legacy Support

Extending the lifetime
of existing systems

written in legacy languages

How we can help

PTP has significant experience in maintaining and updating legacy systems.

That is to say software written in older languages which may no longer be commonly used, and hardware which may no longer be current or supported by its original manufacturer.

Being able to work with legacy systems can provide significant cost benefits by reducing the need to replace older machinery and extending the lifespan of existing hardware and software.

PTP has worked on a number of legacy projects in recent years. We have worked on projects for customers in a wide range of older programming languages such as VB6, MS-DOS based systems, FORTRAN 77 and C.

  • Advise on the best way to maximise potential lifespan from older machinery and code
  • Solve specific problems relating to legacy code
  • Adapt legacy code where changes to hardware are required
  • Carry out system audits to assess the potential of existing legacy hardware and software


Fortran: Legacy support for application written in the 70’s by IBM


Fortran: Legacy support for application written in the 70’s by IBM

PTP prides itself on being well versed in numerous software languages, many of which may no longer be in general use. These legacy projects include the recent FORTRAN project, modifying an old DOS based application to work within the 64bit Windows 7 environment.

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