Domino Printing Sciences:
Toning up industrial print technology

The Task

Domino produces industrial printers which include an IMBA (Ink Management Block Assembly) to distribute the ink controlling pressure and flow rate. To test IMBA functionality, Domino needed a bespoke text fixture designing and building to check for pressure drops and assess leak rates

The Machine

PTP provided Domino with a Turnkey Solution in the form of a mechanical test rig; the IMBA FTE was designed and built by Our Team.

The machine comprises of an electro-mechanical assembly and a supervisory PC which provides the main user interface to the system. The PC communicates with a programmable leak detector and an I/O device which provides control of all system functionality.


  • Mechanical test rig design and build
  • Electronic design
  • Hardware design and development
  • Touch screen test application
  • Test implementation
  • Low level leak detection
  • Produce traceability (Microsoft Access Database)

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The software designed for the rig was written in LabVIEW and a National Instruments CompactDAQ was also used. Testing for leak rates as low as 0.1cc per minute the equipment records the information gleaned in an Access Database to ensure simplicity and traceability. The rig helps ensure that the IMBA functions correctly, saving Domino and in turn their customers’ time and money. Accurate testing minimises machine downtime and material wastage.



The test rig now successfully tests the IMBA and helps ensure that Domino remain leaders in their industry, continue to meet the needs of manufacturers and set new industry standards in quality and reliability.

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