Beckhoff Systems Integration

Alternative Control Solutions: Beckhoff Automation

Control Solutions: Beckhoff Automation

Beckhoff Automation provides a range of programmable automation controllers and I/O modules that are aimed at mid-range applications too complex for simple PLC solutions, but which do not require the high speed capabilities typically provided by National Instruments equipment. Based on PC/Windows with hard real time extensions and sophisticated EtherCAT fieldbus technology, we have found Beckhoff equipment to be particularly appropriate for:

  • Highly distributed control systems
  • Sophisticated, locally-coordinated servo control applications
  • Cost-sensitive machine control and data logging solutions

Being PC based, solutions based on Beckhoff controllers retain all the good features of that technology – easy connectivity, data processing, and programming – whilst the co-resident hard real time capability ensure that control integrity and robustness is maintained.

PTP have considerable experience in the use of Beckhoff and EtherCAT technologies and are happy to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these wherever their use may be appropriate.

Delphi approached PTP with a requirement for a custom test rig. Read more about PTP’s utilisation of Beckhoff hardware to complete the complex test rig.