Aero – Defence

An efficient and effective support

Rapid changes in defence strategy require rapid product advancements.

The term Aero/Defence covers a range of industries from military and defence applications through to testing of components for commercial airliners. Rapid changes in defence strategy require rapid product advancements. Likewise the aviation industry strives for continuous efficiencies in today’s competitive market. PTP prides itself on playing an integral part in providing efficient and effective support ensuring the success of pioneering projects and products and the ultimate prosperity of their clients.

PTP has worked on a number of projects within Aero/Defence of varying size and scope. Given the nature of the industry, these projects are confidential and we cannot therefore publish case studies about previous work in Aero/Defence. Please rest assured that any enquiry you make will be treated with the same strict level of confidence.

How we can help


LabVIEW experts, consultancy, architecture and coding. NI hardware supply, programming and integration


LabWindows/CVI Developers with extensive experience in code development and support

C, C#, C++

Custom software solutions in a wide range of languages tailored to meet your exact requirements

Machine Control

Cost effective customised Machine Control solutions for simple or complex machinery

Test & Measurement

Bespoke Test and Measurement solutions for a wide range of applications and industries

Legacy Support

Maximising value by extending the viable lifespan of older legacy software and hardware