Bringing the benefits of LabVIEW to syntactical programming

What is LabWindows/CVI?

LabWindows/CVI (CVI is short for C for Virtual Instrumentation) is an ANSI C programming environment for test and measurement developed by National Instruments. The program was originally released as LabWindows for DOS in 1987, but was soon revisioned (and renamed) for the Microsoft Windows platform.

Certified LabWindows/CVI Developer

LabWindows/CVI uses the same libraries and data acquisition modules as the better known National Instrument product LabVIEW, and is thus highly compatible with it. LabVIEW is targeted more at domain experts and scientists and CVI more towards software engineers that are more comfortable with text-based linear languages such as C.

Why use LabWindows/CVI?

For over 25 years, developers have relied on LabWindows/CVI to create stable, high-performance applications for manufacturing, military, aerospace, telecommunications, and automotive industries. Take your concept to hardware faster with built-in hardware libraries, analysis functions, and a GUI builder with engineering UI components.

LabWindows/CVI is also ideal for developers wishing to leverage legacy C code into LabVIEW.

When would you use LabWindows/CVI?

LabWindows/CVI allows traditional syntactical programmers access to the vast data acquisition and analysis libraries on offer to LabVIEW programmers, allowing them to be used in a more familiar environment. In addition programmers can target multiple platforms such as Windows and Linux from a professional IDE with CodeBuilder technology which allows rapid code development as well as the production of modern user interfaces via the powerful GUI editor.

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How PTP can help with a LabWindows/CVI Development

PTP is the most experienced CVI/LabWindows development company in the UK with our team of three qualified Developers representing just under half of the total number in the UK.

We can assist with a complete LabWindows/CVI solution or provide consultancy on a project or part of a project. Please contact us for further information or to request a quote.

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Software-driven Acoustic Emission Test System


Software-driven Acoustic Emission Test System

PTP designed a robust 6-channel data acquisition hardware system that, with the microphones, was certified and calibrated to IEC 61672 Class 1 (the international standard for sound level meters). Custom PC software was also developed that would capture, process and display the noise levels captured by the microphones during testing.

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